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 Tiande High-tech (Group) Co., Ltd.ProfileBeijing Tiande High-tech (Group) Co., Ltd. with total assets more than RMB 9.6 billion is dedicated in research, development, as well as inviting environmental, biologic or nanometer technologies and products. At present, it has an environmental-technology research institute, a biologic-technology research institute, a nanometer-product research institute and employed more than 100 specialists and scholars from over the world.


  Besides such affiliated companies as Tiandewei High-tech Co., Ltd., Beijing Tiandeweilong Investment Co., Ltd., Beijing Tiandewei Culture & Art Co., Ltd., Beijing Tiande Renhe Hospital Investment Management Co., Ltd. And Beijing Tiandewei Real Estate Development Co., Ltd, it still owns a group of high-quality technologists, managerial and administrative personnel, a host of first-class high-tech technologists, marketing personnel, a large team of international trade staff and top-grade researchers, as well as such commercial points as spread all over the world and China, wide international service relationship and numerous friendly cooperative enterprises both here and abroad.


  The group has been established in developing from a higher starting point and considering the situation in China, it orients its leading industries at three main fields, i.e., environmental technology, bio-pharmaceutical technology and nanometer technology. Worry about increasingly
aggravating environmental pollution, it actively throws itself into the environmental protection industry, bio-pharmaceutical industry and nanometer technology industry. It has successfully put forward such technologies and equipment as high-tech DFPC industrial-and power-plant-boiler-smoke/gas desulphurization and de-dusting devices, industrial sewage treatment technologies, ice-storage and
electric-heat-storage air conditionings, head sheave type oil pumping units and high-tech environmental water-penetrable bricks, developed and been producing several nanometer products like nanometer luminous materials, nanometer coating materials, nanometer lubricating oils and nanometer lithium batteries as well as has developed nerve growth factor remedy, which all have already procured favorable social and economic benefit.


  Tiande High-tech (Group) Co., Ltd. Highly values creative, enterprising, practical, win-win and cooperative spirit. For instant development of Chinese environmental protection technologies, biologic technologies and nanometer technologies, it hopes to go hand in hand with enterprising people from all circles, to push the development of Chinese high-tech cause and make arduous efforts for the prosperity of China and the thriving and development of the Chinese nation!